Jones Academy


Jones Academy is a Native American residential learning center for elementary and secondary school age children. The facility is located in southeast Oklahoma and houses 190 co-ed students grades 1 through 12.

Established in 1891 by the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, the school is located on a 540 acre campus five miles northeast of Hartshorne, OK. Initially, the facility was an all boys school. In 1955, Jones Academy became a coed school after Wheelock Academy, a boarding school for girls, closed. In April of 1985, the Choctaw Nation contracted the boarding school operation from the Bureau of Indian Affairs. In 1988, Jones Academy became a tribally controlled school. The students lived on campus but attended public school in Hartshorne.

A dream became reality in 2008, when the Choctaw Nation dedicated their newly constructed elementary facility on campus. In 2012, the elementary school became a BIE (Bureau of Indian Education) elementary school under the authority of the Choctaw Nation. This state-of-the-art facility educates students in grades 1 through 6.

Junior High and High school students are bussed to the Hartshorne Public School in Hartshorne. An alternative school also operates on campus. In the past, the school has enrolled students from 29 different tribes. Students come from parts of Oklahoma, Texas, Mississippi, New Mexico, Nevada, South Dakota, and several other states. Each student is a member of a federally recognized Indian tribe.

The physical layout of the campus includes two dormitory buildings, each divided into elementary and secondary wings. Serving the dormitories are the cafeteria/dining facility, a gymnasium with basketball court and weight room, a library/learning center with an underground storm shelter, and a counseling center. The campus also includes a museum and agricultural buildings for the award winning swine program that students participate in.

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Contact Jones Academy

  • Jones Academy
    HCR 74 - Box 102-5 (Mailing)
    909 Jones Academy Road (Physical)
    Hartshorne, Oklahoma 74547
  • (888) 767-2518 (Toll Free)

Jones Academy Projects

Project Name



Project E13-09 - Water Standpipe Repairs

Cunningham Sandblasting

Under Construction

Project E12-21 - Entry Road Turn Lane Improvements

Oklahoma Department of Transportation


Project E11-06 - Entry Road Culvert Replacement

Waldrop Construction


Project E10-04 - Tutoring Area Repairs
Building 570 - Boys Dormitory

GSE Construction


Project E10-03 - Baseball Field Lighting Improvements

Stone Electric


Project E09-11 - Renovations at Gymnasium
(Building 580) - ARRA Project

Mid-America Construction


Project E09-10 - Girls Dorm HVAC Improvements
(Building 581) - ARRA Project

Eastern Electric


Project E09-04 - Entry Road Rehabilitation

JOB Construction


Project E02-02 - Girls Dormitory Expansion
(Building 581)

Southeastern Construction


Project E00-05 - New Academic Building
(Building 585T)

Choctaw Nation Construction Management